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Jun 16, 2017

What is Cloud Computing ?

What is Cloud Computing ?

What is Cloud Computing
What is Cloud Computing

The development in technology on the recent world has brought several new and important inventions. One of these inventions is the use of the cloud computing services and realizing the benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to a mechanism that is internet based and helps in the process of sharing data and other important resources from one computer to another. In addition to this the cloud computing can also be used on other gadgets such as the smart phones and tablets. Cloud computing also plays a role in ensuring that data lost can be recovered in one way or another.

The use of cloud computing has several benefits which include:

1. The ability to use cloud computing services either as private, public or hybrid. The public cloud computing services refers to a situation where there is a third party involved to deliver the service through the internet. The only cost that is incurred is the payment of storage. This makes the public cloud very cheap and on demand. The private type of cloud model on the other hand involves the use of a business center to share data to individuals. The hybrid is a combination of both.

2. Cloud computing process is very cheap and can help the user to store a lot of data. In addition to this the software reduces the risk of losing important photos and information since it acts as a recovery mechanism.

3. Convenient. The user can use the software at any time of their choice once it is cloud model installed. In addition to this one has a choice of the type to use, either the private cloud model the public cloud model or the hybrid cloud model. The cost is also a key consideration. 

Install the cloud computing software in your personal computer today and experience all the above stated benefits and many more advantages that the users of this service are experiencing. The installation can be done by most of the cyber cafes and other stations that specialize in the use of internet. The use is very cheap the same way as the installation. 

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