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Jun 25, 2017

All About Hybrid Cloud Computing Trends

Hybrid Cloud Computing Trends

Hybrid Cloud Computing Trends
Hybrid Cloud Computing Trends

Hybrid cloud’ is a buzzword these days. But what exactly is hybrid cloud? There is a simple test to understand whether an environment can be called hybrid cloud or not – if it passes three requirements. The first is there should be a permanent connection, and this connection should be secure. The two environments should share a common network. Second, the two clouds should be connected in such a way that you can easily move workloads from one cloud to another if need be. Finally, there should be a single monitoring and management system over both clouds.

So, what is hybrid cloud? To put it simply, it is an environment that combines two different computing environments and one of them should be a cloud environment.

There are various environments under hybrid cloud. Different environments are suitable for different uses and organizations. The right hybrid cloud computing trends are here to stay.

Physical environment and public cloud in Hybrid Cloud Computing Trends

This is the best way for an orthodox enterprise or an organization that has never used cloud before to start their cloud exploration. It alleviates the concerns of such organizations as legacy applications remain untouched. It would be a perfect environment to use at a bank, for example. The legacy apps are kept separate but the servers, messaging and collaboration becomes easier with cloud.

Private cloud and public cloud in Hybrid Cloud Computing Trends

There are a number of enterprises who use private cloud. These enterprises can extend their use of cloud to public cloud by extending their usage. It is a good choice if you want to avail the various benefits that public cloud offers, viz. pay per use, fast scalability and other benefits. This is a way for enterprises who have only used private cloud before to explore public cloud.

Physical environment and private cloud in Hybrid Cloud Computing Trends

This environment is used rarely, and is used where there is need of high regulation or there is a high security risk. The most common users of this are government departments or orthodox enterprises with no cloud deployment. The biggest benefit of this is resource optimization. Defense department is the perfect candidate for it.

Public cloud and public cloud

This is typically used by media or gaming companies. Ecommerce companies also tend to favor this environment. Under this, since the application stack consists of many available cloud based solutions, both clouds are public. These cloud based solutions may be IaaS or PaaS or SaaS. Usually, the various cloud based solutions are from the same provider, but there is no such thumb rule. Different providers can be used as well.

Private cloud and private cloud in Hybrid Cloud Computing Trends

This is simply when two distinct private clouds are connected together. This happens when IT teams from different departments or even companies come together. It might be required if two different departments were being condensed into one. It is also often done in the case of mergers and acquisitions, where the private clouds of both the companies are different, but both are required. Often, a unified cloud management approach is taken later.

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