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Jun 23, 2017

How to Get Free Windows Server Backup

Get Free Windows Server Backup

Free Windows Server Backup
Free Windows Server Backup

With a windows device, you have to be very careful to save all your files and folders because anything can happen to device which may lead to the loss of all your information. There are many types of servers some of which cost money to use. However, the free windows server is one that can be relied on by all windows users to help them save their information and avoid the devastation of losing all that data.

How Free Windows Server Backup works

The windows server backup is one that is managed and controlled by Windows and has its own tools that enable it work. There is software that is used for this purpose. This software is installed into the serve and then one is able to back up their data. The windows Server backup consists of Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and some other command line tools that are ideal for use on it. These servers can be used for saving of various things including specified volumes or specific chosen files and folders. It can also be used for backing up of system state and for the creation of a backup that can be used for metal recover. This has proved to be a very useful form of backup for very many people.

Free Windows Server Backup Uses and Target Population

The free windows server backup can be used remotely for a specific computer and also for many computers all at once. This free server backup has been employed by multiple of companies and institutions all over the world because of its efficiency. This server backup has been created to be used by just about anybody in any business type. It has however been created specifically for small businesses and people without a wide knowledge of IT and computers. Because of this, it has been found very useful by people all over the world including startups and smaller businesses. Because it is free, makes it easier to invest in it and grow with it. For most of the bigger companies, this may not be their go to backup server solution but it does work for some of the smaller ones.


There are various things one has to consider while using this server to backup. Some of this includes the fact that you must have a firewall enabled while using this server. This is ideal when there is a problem when working on a computer remotely. It may not be very useful when the computer is local. Apart from that one cannot recover information from one windows version to another one that is different. You have to use the same windows system for backup and the one you will be recovering to. Other than these there are some other more considerations one has to put in mind before using free windows server backup.

Backing up to a windows server

There is a domain controller one who is able to control the backup systems and all that happens there. As such, without one, things can come to scratching halt. Because of this, the controller is the central part of all this. The easier method is opening the elevated power shell prompt on the server and running a command that will help install the windows backup system. This system will not require a restart so it makes it very easy to start the free windows backup server. This is usually installed on one desktop or laptop that is used as the central for all the other laptops in the institution. Because of this, there is really no need to install the system files to other systems.


Because of how this system works, for many people who have employed it, it has been one of the best and the most convenient systems there is in the market. This has been one backup system that is ideal for everybody and is being used widely in the country. A great invention indeed.

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