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Jun 21, 2017


Free Cloud Servers

Free Cloud Servers
Free Cloud Servers


A cloud server can be defined as a logical server built through a cloud computing platform. It is also delivered and hosted in the same platform over the internet. These servers depict similar capabilities to function as the typical servers. The ability to be assessed remotely from a cloud server differentiates the two. It can also be defined as a virtual server. Two types of cloud servers can be identified that is physical and logical. Logical cloud server is delivered through server visualization whilst the physical is delivered into two or more logical servers. Although these servers share physical components there is a separation of the operating system, user interface and the applications. For the cloud server the client is usually paid by the hour that is depending on the particular time required. Each client has multiple servers available to them. Computing resources can be dedicated to a particular client if necessary. More redundancy is being offered by these servers just In case one fails, others take place. 


Most providers offer free platforms to enable one to get acquainted with their services and to obtain relevant experience. Other services become free indefinitely.



This is the largest cloud hosting company in the world. If one is new, you are automatically eligible for the amazon web service free tier. Its main aim is to provide experience. After one signs up, it lasts for the first 12 months. In order to exhaust their 21 products and services, one must create an account. However, it`s subject to certain terms and conditions available. 


On the google Cloud developers can build, test and deploy applications. Web, mobile and back-end solutions can be chosen from computing, storage and application services offered. For over 60 days one can spend over 300 dollars in credit on cloud platform services available. New customers are eligible but not the existing customers. Products limitations are present in the trial. The end of the trial offers an opportunity for one to upgrade to a paid account. This is within 30 days and a credit card is needed to sign up.


A collection of services are offered. Azure is ranked as an industry leader in Infrastructure as a service and platform as a service. One receives 210 dollars to try out any of the Azure service. Infrastructure as a service is an online service that identifies the user with the details of infrastructure such as location, scaling and backup. This is done within 30 days of trial. A mobile number, credit card and a Microsoft username is required in order to sign up. Suspension is given if one exceeds the 210 dollars free credit for the free account. Decommissioning of services is done if one has not upgraded to Pay-As-You-Go Azure after the completion of the trial period.


GOGRID CLOUD HOSTING offer 100 dollars credit. Its applications are handled by people and not software. 


A credit card is required for authorization. Softlayer offer is valid for new customers on one virtual server for one calendar month. However if the card is not cancelled within the one month of activation. It will be changed for the additional months of service being offered.

Other Infrastructure as a service hosting plans include: ProfitBricks Cloud computing, joyent and cloudsigma.

The free trial program is designed to give Alibaba cloud customers hands on experience. The user has an opportunity to upgrade to a paid account after the end other 30 days-free trial. The customer receives a USD 50dollars to use on the purchase of the desired products. The free trial package lasts for 30 days. Each user can choose either of the configurations for the Elastic Compute Service. 

The clients can be able to check the status of their free trial coupons by logging into their console. The packages have limited quotas for each day. Therefore, if it exceeds the current seat limit for that day one should try again the next day.

Cloud servers have numerous benefits such as:

It`s easy, fast and more affordable to upgrade the cloud servers.

They are preferred as they are economically efficient as compared to the standard dedicated servers.

Holding the best cost ratio performances and also stability. They are not prone to the usual server hardware problems. 

Better stability and security as the problem associated with the software is separated from and to one`s environment hence reducing chances of being harmed.

Ability to modify the software in order to suit ones needs and specifications for example the operating system kernel.

It also provides self-service as one can compute resources for any work load.

As computing needs increase companies can scale up and afterwards scale down when computing needs scale down – Elasticity.

Users only pay for the resources they have used up since it is measured on a granular level.


Free cloud servers offer hands on experience which is free for a period of time. It should be noted that terms and conditions apply. Cloud servers have key benefits such as flexibility and scalability, cost effectiveness, ease of set up and reliability. Though they have different stringent conditions, they all aim to offer experience to several clients available.

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