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Jun 22, 2017

The Cloud Storage Provider

The Cloud Storage Provider Criteria: What to Look for When Choosing a Service Provider

Cloud Storage Provider
Cloud Storage Provider

A Cloud Storage Provider is an independent, 3-rd party service company that delivers businesses and web users that capability to save information in a storage system that is detached from the organization or user. This option is attractive as a backup source, allowing for data to be retrieved if the companies’ data was breached or damaged on their own hard drive or server.

There are several companies that offer cloud storage provider services, each having strengths and weaknesses. In order to differentiate the company that best serves your specific needs, you must perform a comprehensive comparison in order to evaluate each provider’s services.

The Cloud Storage Provider Data Category Storage

There are different categories of data that need to be saved in cloud storage provider platforms. Data that fits under a low grade of sensitivity will not require the same care and protection on data that is critically sensitive. Non-sensitive data can be appropriately handled by low cost shared cloud storage. Since these databases are often accessed by others, the data will not be in danger of getting into the wrong hands.

Highly sensitive information requires special safeguarding with encryption and scripts that protect the data. Cloud storage provider companies chosen must provide a holistic approach towards protecting the data when being transferred, stores or when not accessed for a period of time. By reviewing the sensitivity of the data that will be stored on the cloud, the provider can be efficiently scrutinized in order to determine if the data is well suited.

The Cloud Storage Provider Security Offered

The security offered by the cloud storage provider, regardless of the data sensitivity, must assessed during the process of selecting a vendor. Their data center must have compliant security features at various levels, depending on the type of data you wish to protect. Also consider the reputation and longevity of the vendor, as that will provide an indication of how reliable they are.

Each sector of business dictates their own compliance regulations, so there is not singular measurement of compliance to go by. That means the vendor must have extensive knowledge that covers an array of sectors and measurements in order to sufficiently provide protection compliance. Not only does the industry dictate the regulations, the geographical locations do as well. For instance, the data protection legislation does not apply to the Data Protection Act that covers the residents of Europe. So not only should industry regulations be adhered to, national jurisdictions should be considered as well.

The Cloud Storage Provider Flexibility

What is most attractive about could storage providers is the capability of permitting website owners to expand their online presence without HTML code knowledge. Using simple clicks, users can exercise multiple options in order to meet their organizations increasing demands. The costs of the service from the provider are just as flexible, so the increase in costs is predicable and transparent.

The Cloud Storage Provider Up-time

Having limited access to the information during times of expanded demand could post risks to the up-time of the cloud storage provider services. Their load balance must be spacious while the bandwidth of the network and routing must be suitable to meet their current and future demand of transparency. Potential users must investigate the infrastructure of the proprietary platform and its operating technologies in order to determine whether they compromise or enhance the cloud storage provider ability to remain stable. The published up time metrics cannot be accepted as sufficient for determination; the SLAs must be scrutinized and measured against every primary regulation in order to assess the performance and risks to uptime.

Choosing a cloud storage provider is more than just about the price. The selection process should be based on the type of data you are protecting, the vendors safety capabilities and the flexibility of the services. Once the comparisons indicate a superior cloud storage provider, ensure that the company is reputable and financially secure. Ensuring that the services and provider is sound provides the peace of mind that the backup data will not be stolen or destroyed.

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