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Jun 17, 2017

Cloud Computing Providers

Cloud Computing Providers

Cloud Computing Providers
Cloud Computing Providers

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Salesforce have the largest Cloud Computing Providers and cloud computing market shares according to a research carried out by Synergy Research Group for the year 2015. The research was based on the IaaS sector. According to the report AWS had 31% of the market shares and a growth rate of 63 percent, Microsoft 9% of the market shares and a growth rate of 124 percent, IBM and SoftLayer 7% of the market shares and a growth rate of 57 percent, Google 4% of the market shares and a growth rate of 108 percent, and lastly Saleforce 4% of the market shares and a growth rate of 40%.

A keen look at the numbers however show that Amazon still register higher/faster growth; Microsofts lead over IBM keeps stretching; Google might catch up with IBM; and in as much as Salesforce is doing well in the market, catching up with the other four players would be an uphill task.

Merits of Cloud Computing 

Giving access to a communal pool of configurable computing resources such as networks, servers and storage.

Stimulates a compassable, loosely-joined and recyclable services type environment for responsive application development

Allows business dexterity

Can increase the volume of output using a handful of resources

Cloud solutions are offered globally up to local levels and still prevail in terms of providing better performance

Using procedures on cloud based shared advance operations, developments can be implemented at very low costs

Reduced expenditure on hardware and software licenses

Omni-channel access of information

Steps cloud computing providers employ for successful cloud adoption

  • Bringing together a team
  • Come up with a cloud strategy
  • Choose desirable models of deploying
  • Choose cloud service model
  • Come up with service agreements and administrative policies
  • Obtain security and privacy policies
  • Assimilate with present enterprise facilities
  • Come up with a proof of concept
  • Control the cloud environment
  • Forms of cloud Computing

Cloud computing providers can use a variety of cloud computing forms to realize their objectives. As such, cloud computing comes in different forms with each form depicting unique strengths and weaknesses. Some of these forms include:

Public cloud – this cloud can be accessed remotely and it is used mostly by organization and individuals who are avoid purchasing servers and instead use the cloud.

Private cloud – this particular cloud is located behind a corporate firewall. Its data is contained and protected from the outside world thus the word private.

Hybrid cloud – to serve both the corporate world and the outside world, the private cloud and the public cloud have been merged to create a hybrid cloud.

Community cloud – this form of loud enables sharing of storage and resources among several organizations. It is neither public nor private but rather, somewhere in between.

Cloud Models

  • Currently in the cloud computing sector, there are three models namely:
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)

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