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Jun 25, 2017

Cloud Computing Platforms

Cloud Computing Platforms Information

Cloud Computing Platforms
Cloud Computing Platforms

Cloud computing platforms can basically be described as utilizing internet based information sharing.
They allow for collaboration between private people sharing data or businesses sharing data.

Whether from single or multiple sites to a hub or the main hub out to the others. Cloud platforms can be used to store data, distribute it or used by marketers to look for predictive data about customers.

The exchange of data can be professional or private; business transaction or free. The platforms can even be used simply for gaming.

Data Storage can be through a hub or offsite. The possibilities are nearly endless.
Users can reap these benefits without deep knowledge of the process.

Maybe this is why the evaluation and choice of a cloud computing platforms can be so confusing?
A huge number of businesses have arisen to meet the demand for cloud platforms. Each has its own value.

The most important thing is to have a plan in place before looking. What are the customer requirements?

Is size important? Expand-ability? Good customer support? An emerging business or established one?

The company should be one you can trust. Whether this means you have dealt with them before for other needs or they have a great name and longstanding value in the industry. Is their customer support network good? Do they have the flexibility to meet changing customer demands? Either growth or contraction? And always price and value for service?

Trust of the company that is being contracted will be of the highest value.

A couple examples of companies that offer cloud platforms are Amazon and Dell.

Amazon offers a complete line of Cloud Computing Platforms

Their website goes through an entire process. It is similar to a job interview. The basics of cloud computing are laid out, the different kinds of platforms and uses for it. The customer then chooses based on what their needs are determined to be. Amazon also expands upon their processes from backup and encryption to expansion if needed.

Dell also offers a complete line of Cloud Computing Platforms

Their process is a bit different but similar. They lay out the basics that envision the customer seeing himself as their own "chief cloud officer." Then a similar process is followed and the customer chooses options that will best fit their particular needs and interests whether it is for home or business.

These are just two businesses offering cloud computing platforms in an ever expanding market. The most important thing in looking at different platforms is self-knowledge. What does the customer need? What are going to be the applications? Not just now, but looking into the future. Then the picture of which platform is correct can begin to be answered.

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