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Jun 22, 2017

Cloud Computing Gaming

Cloud Computing Gaming

Cloud Computing Gaming
Cloud Computing Gaming

Streaming online visual and audio media has tremendously changed entertainment in the present day. With cloud services like YouTube, Netflix and Pandora, you can get great content with any Internet enabled smart device and start enjoying. Gaming is not any different especially since the introduction of GaasS (Gaming as a Service).

Gaming Technologies Cloud Computing Gaming

Revolution of various gaming technologies and expansion of gaming company giants into the Internet space has taken cloud computing gaming to another level. It is now possible to stream video games just like videos. For example, NVIDIA have introduced the NVDIA Grid service which will soon allow any gamer to stream the games online. This includes 3D games that will be based on the cloud servers that will be accessed by gamers through as service server. In general cloud computing gaming involves requests to the server, encoding of video game frames instantly and the streaming of the results to any device with Internet connection.

For those who are wondering why should play online while you have the console, there are many benefits of playing online that you are denied the chance by your console. Again, the online gaming is a service that is rendered on-demand so you do not have to subscribe to ever being online. One great advantage of cloud computing gaming over console gaming is the fact that you can play your games on a wider range of devices. The TV, PC, tablet, phablet or even Smartphone can access the games and let you play as you wish. Again, you have wide selection of games as compared to the games you need to get separately and install in your console. Also, online games are easier to play because of the inclining of the phone as well as simple taps and touches. Lastly, you are not going to need new hardware, no patches and of course no installations for you to start online streaming.

If you are wondering why this is going to be the new frontier in gaming, then you could dive dip into the technicality privileges of the online gaming. Price is not a key issue at all since you will can get free service and the rise of open source GaaS is coming up pretty well. Modulized design of the cloud computing games is the secret to access using many gaming like interfaces. Online gaming platforms are also ensuring that the cross-platform thresh hold is passed so not to lock out a user based on the OS of their device. Most of the gaming platforms we have can be accessed by all the popular Operating Systems in the PC and Smartphone world.

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