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Jun 22, 2017

Cloud Computing for Dummies Made Easy

Cloud Computing for Dummies

Cloud Computing for Dummies

Have you often wondered what cloud computing was all about, but to be honest, didn't know a thing about? Okay, if this is true, please read to learn firsthand about cloud computing for dummies. This isn't saying that anyone is ignorant or stupid to the reality of cloud computing, not all; if anything it is saying something totally different. What is this thing? This thing is abundantly clear. We are all curious about this and that. However, none of us know everything, and there are some things we've heard about but know nothing about. Cloud computing may very well be one of those things. So, if it is, keep on reading and discover what cloud computing is in essence.

What is cloud computing for dummies ?

Cloud computing is something that means what it means. Instead of using the computer hardware and software that is on your computer, or maybe within the network of your company, computing is a service from another company and that is over the internet. This service is called cloud computing, this service is something that does away with regular use of a computer or computers for a company or an individual. They have virtual access to the cloud and in this cloud is the cloud computing service.

The word cloud computing is just a word and it has different meanings to different people. Some of these meanings can stand for information technology outsourcing to meaning any computer service provided by the internet or similar type of network to any computer service that is bought in to and sits outside a person's firewall.

Some sample examples Cloud Computing for Dummies

Which people may not be aware of, are no other than someone sitting at his or her computer and typing a search query keyword into Google. The information that is sent back to you from your typed word into Google's search engine isn't done by you. It is performed by one of hundreds of thousands of clustered PCs, all across the world, which belong to Google. Another example of cloud computing is web-based email. Web-based services such as Hotmail, was one of the very first to, come along and carry email off into the cloud. We all now push email off into the cloud, and this means not just sending out emails either. It means to store them too.

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