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Jun 22, 2017

Cloud Computing ERP

What is Cloud-Based ERP

Cloud Computing ERP
Cloud Computing ERP

Cloud computing ERP is one of those many methods that are in the market for Enterprise resource planning and also for storing of the many data and resources that one may require to run any organization. This method has been adopted by many firms currently and as a result it has become a major issue of choice while choosing a plan for storage. The Cloud computing ERP will ensure that any given organization is capable to run any operation management, reporting and also the accounting staff to run in the cloud server. There are very many firms that offer the service described above and they all vary based on the service they offer, technology that they possess and also the functionality that they do to the organisation in topic. To those organisations that are either start-ups or have just recently been established it is advisable to look into this method rather than considering investing in your own servers as much.

Advantages of having a Cloud Computing ERP

This method provides the organization that chooses it with very many advantages as all listed below.

Since the company will just have to pay for the servers and all the applications that come with it, there is the aspect of saving on the infrastructure that you will pay for during the launch. You will not have to dig deeper for more computers or software’s and all the servers that each will have to use.

There is also the IT department that one will have to consider. For the servers to run, there is also man power required to monitor it and also keep it up and running at all times. Since the servers are all cloud based, the service provider is the person who deals with this and as a result you will have reduced costs in the maintenance of the IT department.

Most of the software’s that you will have to start using immediately all have been made by different organisations and all have to be paid for in different platforms. With the use of the cloud computing ERP, you have the access to most of the software’s just that you have one monthly payment that you pay and all the services are at your avail. This makes it both easy and accessible at all times.

On top of this, the software’s if bought personally have to have to be upgraded every time. Some of the providers of this applications and software’s always have to put a small fee for the updates and the upgrades. If you choose the Cloud computing ERP, the upgrades and the updating part are all handled by the corporation that you will choose and as a result you will have the software’s always up to date for a small fee and also you won’t have to spend man power and also a lot of the time doing it yourself.

Most of the cash that you save from this particular advancement will ensure that you are able to run your company comfortably since all the funds gotten from this will be redirected to other resources and infrastructure that you will require in your company.

The data in the cloud server is also safe as some may say since in the case of there being a power outage, the data and all the information may be all retrieved since it is not stored locally. All you have to do is to go back to the web and all the data will be to your avail.

Local attacks from the hackers will, also be minimized as when they attack they will find that no data is stored in the local machines. They may try to hack the cloud but they won’t be able to get it as most of the cloud computing ERP service providers have maximum security for their customer’s data.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing ERP

To those companies that will be able to invest in a local system for data storage and also manipulation over a large period of time, this method will become quite expensive since the monthly fees would have been directed to the investing of local infrastructure.

The security of the data that you possess is not all in your hands. You will have to rely on the strength of the security that the vendor of the service that you have chosen. To most of the people that always have trust issues, this may prove a very big stumbling block.

Some people tend to like creating platforms that best suit themselves and also customize their interfaces to be pleasing to their best fit. If you choose the Cloud Computing ERP, this will be really hard to do as it will all be controlled by the vendor of the service that you choose.

General Advancements done to the Cloud Computing ERP

Most of the people that have taken to provide this service all have to compete with each other. As a result they all have to have different advantages so that the customers can choose them rather than go with their opponents. The most notable thing that could have been done is the availing of the mobile based applications. This means that the customers can just get their data and information from the comfort of their phones. There is also the introduction of applications that run on smart phones. This makes the customers to change and also store more data from their phones while on the go.

Cloud Computing ERP Service Vendors

There are very many organizations that provide the service named above. Below is a list of some of the most notable providers of this service:

  • SAP ERP software
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Epicor
  • Exact JobBoss

This is just but a few of the most notable that give the service. Depending on the data that you possess you may choose as well as the security and the cash that you will have to give to acquire the service.

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