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Jun 17, 2017

Cloud Computing Definition

Cloud Computing Definition

Cloud Computing Definition

In order to understand the cloud computing definition and its implications, people should keep in mind all of the risks and challenges involved with doing computing on personal computers and local servers. Almost everyone has been in a situation where his or her hard drive crashed at the absolute worst time, taking an enormous amount of data and a lot of treasured items with it in the process.

Even people who are careful to back up their work are only going to be able to do so much unless they want to back up every single thing they do to an SD card or a backup hard drive every single time they have done something as simple as modify a document. Even then, SD cards and backup hard drives can get lost and stolen, taking everything with them. People also do not always keep their SD cards and backup hard drives in different places. People who have had their cars stolen or their houses robbed or damaged are sometimes in a situation in which they lose a lot of their projects and treasured memories because those treasured memories and projects were still stored in a vulnerable physical location. With cloud computing, people are going to have another layer of protection that is really going to manage to protect everything that they have in almost every situation.

In cloud computing definition, the information is going to be stored and circulated on a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet. People can also frequently modify the information that is stored in this manner, so it is almost as if the remote servers are taking on most of the functions of personal computers and local servers anyway. However, since there are lots of them and they exist on a connected network, even when one server falls, the information is not usually going to be lost.

People who back up their information, whether it is written documents or photographs, to the 'cloud' are going to find that they will still be able to access that information from the cloud no matter where they are. The cloud manages to be ubiquitous as well as safe, which is one of its major attractions. People are on the move all the time these days, and not everyone is going to want to store huge amounts of information on their smart phones or carry around SD cards everywhere. The cloud allows people to access the information that they need and want in a way that is going to be that much more convenient for them.

However, the fact that cloud computing allows people to store their files so safely is the most important part of the cloud computing definition. People have more layers of protection than they used to when it comes to preserving all of their files, which is that much more important in an era where people are so dependent on the documents that they save to their computers anyway. Cloud computing is essential to the modern world.

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