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Jun 16, 2017

Cloud Computing Concepts - What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Concepts

Cloud Computing Concepts
Cloud Computing Concepts

The current marketplace requires so much information flow that we must keep our information on the cloud. We use cloud computing concepts in order to access data on demand. They provide a shared computer processing resource. They provide data to computers and an on-demand access to a shared pool of computing resources. The idea behind cloud computing concepts is that it allows companies to avoid some large infrastructure costs. You don't have to buy servers with large data specifications because you are essentially storing your data on other people's computers.

Origins: We don't really know the origins of cloud computing. The cloud now has come to represent the idea of networking. We use the cloud to represent the storage area and then use the computing part to represent the data that we are pulling from the server. The main enabling technology for cloud computing is virtualization. It separates tasks into independent computing device that can be allocated and used more efficiently. Cloud computing concepts adopt settings from service oriented architecture which can unfortunately create problems. The idea is to only require service when it is necessary, but with new businesses this can be a potential downside.

Agility: Cloud computing has been proven to increase the company that uses it's services flexibility through a process known as re-provisioning and adding or expanding technological infrastructure resources.

Cost: Providers claim cost reductions. Reportedly, there is a lower barrier to entry because infrastructure is typically provided by a third party and does not need to be purchased multiple times. Less IT skills are also needed to implement projects through cloud computing concepts.

Maintenance of Cloud Computing Concepts

Cloud computing does not require as much maintenance overall because they do not need to be installed on each user's computer and can be accessed from many different places because the data is not being technically stored on the company's computer.

Performance: Cloud computing services have been shown to have more reliability than the standard server that companies have purchased. This has been shown to vary widely based on the company that produces the product.

Security: Security can be improved or worsened because the data is centralized. This is why concerns are raised given that companies and data firms are worried about a lack of security for stored kernels. Security is typically as good or even better than other traditional systems, but for cloud computing concepts security needs to be on that next level.

Cloud architecture of software systems involved in the delivery of computing typically involve multiple cloud components that need to communicate with each other over a coupling mechanism like a messaging queue. This is typically combined with cloud engineering, which is the application of engineering disciplines being brought to cloud computing. It brings a systematic approach to high-level concerns of commercialization and standardization.

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