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Jun 25, 2017

Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud Computing Companies
Cloud Computing Companies

Where does our data go when we delete all our emails from old accounts that have attachments? Attachments we send with those emails like word docs? Emails and data pile up after awhile. Especially if you haven't checked those old accounts you had such as when you were in college, or that old work email you can still get into. Where does that data all go?

More than likely, it's somewhere in a huge database that can load, save, process, and store data from the internet's portals.

Some internet users have said it goes to 'never, never land...', while others say that it goes 'up in the clouds'. In other words, if you're computer crashes, and you don't utilize cloud computing, and you didn't save or back up all your images, sources, bookmarks, and work onto a USB or those retro're really out of luck.

You're company or personal website's storage and management tools are significantly important in today's digital era. Although, with cloud computing, your data is safe and secure. In fact, knowing what companies that can help you securely manage your data is a click away. T such as your images, docs, spreadsheets, website name a few, will help you sleep at night.

Take a look back...the Cloud's are forming 

When you take a look back at some of the founding fathers of cloud computing companies, you can't miss Google Cloud Computing nor Microsoft Cloud. They were forming long before any of these new guys came around.

Or have they...?

Now companies like cloud computing giant, Rackspace, is coming to the forefront while merging with others to give an optimum journey in the clouds.

Cloud computing technology services worldwide. It can backup your company's data and storage in order to keep your resources, corporations, and small businesses' important server's data onto one.

With cloud computing, you'll have more storage available to you and your employees.

What do cloud computing companies offer business people and individuals?  

What it has to offer for the mainstream is really depending on what you are needing. For those that love electronics and computers, then you should be in the same pool as millions that rely on cloud computing companies. There are hundreds of cloud computing service providers which help companies and individual people with various services.

Here is a list of some of what dozens of cloud computing companies can offer: 

- Bigger storage 'cages' or 'drives'

- You'll eliminate headaches. Managing your company's hardware for instance and the software, being just as complex for those who attempt to keep up with the internet world.

- The responsibility of keeping a utility element for your company doesn't stop at the vendors place but a shared infrastructure does mean they work:

- Cloud-based applications are up and running; with fast turnaround services.

- Cloud apps help elevate your browser's searches, log ins, and the ability to keep large data; you'll also be able to customize your apps so as to start using it.

Cloud computing companies and their popularity 

Did you know that your company can run their business up from the clouds? Many are using all sorts of apps, their customer relationship management (CRM), their Human Resource departments, ...including much more.

As cloud computing grows in popularity, thousands of companies are simply rebranding Rebranding is common among thousands of companies. They want to revamp their "non-cloud products and services" now as "cloud computing products".

Those companies rely on cloud computing companies since they need services such as their expertise. Look at Microsoft Cloud or Google Cloud Computing which are two of the most recognized names in cloud computing companies today.

Understanding cloud computing 

Three years ago, Forbes gave recognition to 10 cloud computing service providers according to their region and location. Written on March of 2013, there were over 7K who read it; but, it's been a long journey since when it comes to cloud computing technology. Forbes contributing writer (Joe McKendrick) stated in his article that the US, Japan, Germany, Singapore, and Australia were the leading countries that had the most cloud-friendly policies and laws.

This is great to know, then, but whatabout now. The study that was given did question the environments these regions or locations had in regards to technology and the internet world. For instance, there were some nations that were considered under policied and not progressing at all when it came to cloud computing tecthat hnology.

McKendrick went on to suggest that while the 'biggest IT markets...slid backwards, others [were] embracing laws and regulations conducive to cloud innovation.'

The study that McKendrick seemed to base his stance on came from the BSA, the Software Alliance, an industry group which saw that the world’s biggest IT markets actually "stalled" at one point during cloud computing world. On the other hand, those believed in the cloud computing's benefits, did in fact embrace the laws and regulations which were conducive to cloud innovation."

What was found most importantly was possible policy fragmentation. This is when countries target the promotion of local cloud markets. Also, they adopted laws and regulations which "inhibit cross-border data flows or skew international competition." (Read more on countries, cloud computing)

Ranking countries: cloud computing and country policies

Here are how the nations ranked when it came to cloud marketing and cloud computing available technology.

- Support for data privacy
- Data security
- Internete Cybercrime prevention
- Intellectual property rights
- Internet free trade
- Industry-led standards and policies
- Information technology readiness
- Available broadband deployments

Fast forward two years...and a half 

What's been going on since in the cloud computing world today? Current cloud computing companies and trends included are more primed up for "fast as lightening" speed in some environments.

Google Cloud Computing 

Use Google's data analytics and it's infrastructure. This includes their machine learning tools. With secured and safe features, Google Cloud computing is everything needed for an industry needing an open source with that leading price performance. Millions of people have jumped into Google's Cloud computing already because they trust the company that much.

You can take charge in Google's cloud, by conducting your business with Google's Cloud computing. Its powerful data and its analytical solutions for a company can be seen as a powerful tool. Giving insight and better decision making because of Google's learning resources. Better to be informed and with better effective decision making.

Learn the Google way while you learn quickly; through the Google Cloud Platform because it was engineered to take on large tasks and be given the ability to handle data intense work. In fact, you will not get locked into a company's database, so no worries here with Google Cloud computing.

Microsoft Cloud 

Protection and peace of mind is what all your data is about. With what Microsoft Cloud computing bring, it's more than data storage. It's the Cloud's promise of exceptional customer services. This is why Microsoft Cloud will always be one of the top 5 cloud computing companies because of their offerings. Utilizing it with a team of workers such as in a company meeting can be so helpful because of the unity it brings for the entire team. Shareware is another term you can use. The facilitator of the cloud is teamwork where it's efficient and affordable. Microsoft cloud computing offers electrifying tools, resources, and large data storage for all your file needs.

Rackspace Cloud Solutions

Rackspace Inc. - This successful cloud computing company (out of Windcrest, Texas, SA, San Antonio suburb) is a global enterprise with offices in the UK, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, The Netherlands, India, and Hong Kong. Other data centers which are operating are from Illionis, Virginia, Texas, Australia, the UK, and Hong Kong. Rackspace, Inc. has it’s ‘email and apps’ division operating from Blacksburg, Virginia; there are offices located in Austin, Texas as well. Rackspace is considered the largest managed cloud provider.

Rackspace helps your company grow and manage your computing technology data. When you utilize their control panel (the OpenStack Compute API) you’ll broaden your data storage a million times over. When it comes to your company’s management resources and tools, it's best to get the very best. that are available to keep you in more important duties that you may have with you for your company. If you’re a technology guru or simply very interested in the sector, you may be in a position where your duties call for you to get up and running with the storage available online.

With the multitudes of cloud computing sources, Rackspace can direct you in the right direction, mapping your site's critical management files where they need to be. In fact, when your duties require you to focus more on writing code, you may need a company like Rackspace. Maybe you need to ‘scatter’ your new app you’ve developed to the internet universe, this company can help you. By providing cloud benefits with the performance, security and control of an enterprise environment. Our fully-managed private cloud can be deployed in your data center, ours, or in a Rackspace-supported

Get help so your company can grow on a hybrid 'OpenStack' cloud which scales your business within the 24/7 structure, every day of the year.

CyrusOne Cloud Computing 

Massively Modular® engineering provides large-scale data center deployments and data hall build-outs in as little as eight to 12 weeks to meet business needs.

- CyrusOne Solutions™ is built to quickly give you large data information storage environments.

- With major enterprises needing backup of their data, CyrusOne Cloud Computing are design and web development experts.

- Over 30 data center locations with data recovery capabilities; this includes premium office space for workplace recovery efforts.

- Power densities are at an all-time high; 900 watts per sq ft. which enables the server environment to vertical scale with efficient optimization. This includes various density needs for your company.

- There are standards for those that utilize cloud computing companies. As a public company it has more than 900 customers and does offer 3 million sq. ft. of total net. It's in over 30 locations worldwide. (

eDiscovery: Speed Matters

Another company is eDiscovery which offers a plethora of options to individuals that need help with their company's data and information storage. Whether it's to safely secure the company's internal data or simply because there's too much confidential information that should be safely secured without any harm to the users on the other end.

So, this is the reason speed matters for a company like eDiscovery. So, it matters that your company uses cloud computing. There are tons of electronic information which is generated by small, mid-, and large-sized companies in huge numbers. Let eDiscovery Solutions strategize with your company as well as your clients.

What eDiscovery is a master at is advanced filtering and analytics to narrowing down volumes and volumes of electronic hard copy data and soft copy, pdf files, and images, emails and back ups; they also process and store a multilingual database if needed.

With the state of the art buildings, facilities, and high technological advancements places and resources for secured storage, eDiscovery will be able to deliver your large volumes secured and safe. They can even get your corrupted files, erased and deleted files (or evidence) if needed. This includes "native file processing, tiff production, text and metadata extraction" that eDiscovery can retrieve.

Money well spent 

Finally, some of the world’s largest companies moved their applications to the cloud with cloud computing, while at the same time, they are testing the security and reliability of the company's technology infrastructure. When companies are spending some of their organizations IT budgets on cloud computing, this says a lot on the signs of the times in advanced technology and the business world.

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