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Jun 25, 2017

Cloud Based Computing Services

Cloud Based Computing

Cloud Based Computing
Cloud Based Computing

Cloud based computing is the latest trend in the business market with about 67% of the businesses embracing the cloud based computing services. Cloud based computing is an internet based computing that allows you to share data and resources within a business. It is very reliable because all you need is internet to access data anywhere and anytime.

There are three types of cloud services: IaaS infrastructure-as-a-service, SaaS software as a service, PaaS Platform as a service. The IaaS contains the building block of the cloud IT, this is what allows you to access the data, network, and computers. The PaaS helps in the organization of the infrastructure hence very useful in resource procurement, capacity planning, patching, and software maintenance. The SaaS is what manages the service provider, e.g. a web based email is a SaaS application.

Just like any other services, it also has a beginning. Initially the word cloud was used as a metaphor for the internet; this is because it was intangible. Later it became the abstract to describe computer network diagrams and eventually stuck among people. The cloud service was in existence in 1977 where ARPANET and CSNET were the predecessors. By then no one had a clue of what it was, so basically let’s say it started at 1996, it became popular in 2006, where Amazon introduced Elastic Compute Cloud.

Public and Private Cloud Based Computing

Public and Private Cloud Based Computing
Public and Private Cloud

The cloud has deployment methods including: hybrid cloud service, public cloud services and also on premises cloud. The deployment you choose as a business depends on the type of business and its preference. The public cloud is where all data has been migrated to the cloud and one can share data with many people. The hybrid just as the name, it means connecting the cloud based computing resources to existing resources that is not connected to the cloud. It is the most preferred by many businesses. The on premises also known as private cloud uses virtualization and resource management tools. It is more secure compared to the other deployment methods but it does not offer many benefits of the cloud computing services.

Benefits of Cloud Based Computing

Benefits of Cloud Based Computing
Benefits of Cloud Based Computing

The benefits of this cloud service are, it offers data storage which is elastic and it is unlimited. The data can be accessed by an employee and work on it from any place in the world and anytime as long as he or she can access the internet.

It also offer data backup and recovery which is crucial because losing your data can lead to the downfall of a successful business. The cloud has an added layer of data defense for you files, and every time you upload a file it automatically makes a copy and store in a secure location. It also can update itself automatically as long as you have set it.

Cost of Cloud Based Computing

Cost of Cloud Based Computing

It save up on cost, music to the business men ears .The only time you use your money is during maintenance. You do not need taped backup any more, it also manages software and hardware and it is energy efficient and definitely saves up on the energy cost.

As said earlier, it is very convenient for the employees. Days are long gone when one had to be in the office for work to be done. You can work on a project on the cloud at the same time with the other employees. You are able to access the latest updated version of the file. It does not occupy physical space because cloud has no physical existence and is intangible.

Many assume that the cloud computing services are meant for only large corporate, but it is also meant for small business as well as medium businesses. It is affordable and the small businesses can afford it.

Its main disadvantage is the fact that it relies heavily on the internet. One cannot access any data if does not have internet. Also the internet bandwidth matters. If the internet is not strong enough you cannot access the data. Hence if your internet is down, your business goes down as well.

Security and privacy is one that scares many business people. The fact that it can be hacked in. we have heard of many businesses that have been hacked in and this is why people are embracing the on cloud premises.

All in all, people still love cloud computing services and they call it their technology savior.

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