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Jun 16, 2017

Top Best Free VPS

Best Free VPS

Best Free VPS
Best Free VPS

VPS or the virtual private server also known by other name as a virtual dedicated server (VDS)-is a virtual server which appears to the person using it as a dedicated server, but is normally installed to a computer so that it can serve several web sites. One computer can have multiple with each having its own kind of operating system which runs the hosting software of the specific user. This virtual machine is normally sold just like any other service by internet hosting companies. A virtual private server has its own copy of OS which it runs by its own. This enables the customers to have that super-user level access of that OS for instance, which helps them to install any software that can run on that particular operating system.

Below are some of the reviews of the best free VPS 


This is the best free VPS generally because it is absolutely free, it also requires purely no confirmations at all. This virtual private server is ultra fast, and is lifetime free since you are able to re-activate your trials in case they are over. This VPS has also the best control panels that are very effective and efficient when handling a range of programs, like you can use the panel in playing those games that even your computer does not support or fit their requirements. You will be able to register multiple accounts when using this VPS since it is not against the terms and conditions.


This is another kind of free VPS which is very effective and efficient. It comes with totally free trials; hence you can do as many trails as possible. It has also a very strong and effective bandwidth connection which is good for the operating system. In addition to having a good bandwidth connection, this free virtual private server has a nice GUI. It is also able to perform multiple functions.


This one is also a free virtual private serve that is free for a lifetime hence one of the best. It has one of the best internet connections hence enables the operating system and other software to run smoothly. However, this virtual server requires you to have a card number of your own and also to provide some other information of yours before you can get registered. But it is still among the best free VPS you can get.


This one comes with one of the best custom made control panel which is very easy to use. It has a free space of 10 GB, an instant set-up, and is one of the best free VPS for websites. It has also a two face-interface which enables you to manage and create your server without any difficulties. It contains a user friendly management system which operates fast and is not complex as compared to other control panels selling on the market. The custom made control panels from Haphost enables the users to manage and create both the VPS and the shared Hosting Accounts all at the same time. Haphost also provides its customers with free VPS hosting, thus they are able to get the flexibility and independence that they need. If you are using free VPS from Haphost, then you are unlikely to experience unexpected server crashes and the slow-downs since this VPS has its own OS which is independent and thus able to function without any hitches.


This is also another free VPS which is excellent for use. It has a lot of free space, and also comes with a good bandwidth. It has a limited time of use, but you will be assured of good service. This free VPS is simple and easy to use, and you will also be provided with a bunch of confirmations.


This is also a free VPS and one of the best on the market. Though it has very slow speed, but is not bad at all. You can sign up easily with this free virtual private server. It has limited lifetime.


This is also a free VPS which has slow speed when working but still one of the best, as it will still do the job. Though has slow speed, but it has one of the best control panels. You are also unlikely to experience slow-downs and system crashes when using this free VPS. However, you cannot create more than one account when using this VPS, and has limited lifetime.


This is not a bad free VPS since it is able to do the work, but it has only a 256 ram space and it sometimes lags. It has a bunch of ads and confirmations. This free virtual private server is still one of the best free VPS to use.


This kind of free VPS is hard to register it, and you will be required to have a windows live account to use or get it registered. It has a slow bandwidth and a very limited time. However, this free VPS is still one of the best to use for small projects.


Though this free VPS does not fit in any of the requirements, but still one of the best as it provides free coupons for the VPS. 

These are some of the best free VPS. With time, this list may be updated.


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