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Jun 22, 2017

Top 5 Best Cloud Services

Best Cloud Services

Best Cloud Services
Best Cloud Services

Today, there has been a shift from local storage to Best Cloud Services. Cloud storage allows you to access your data files from anywhere anytime. You keep all your documents and media files in your cloud as local storage requirement is reduced. Cloud storage services let you store all data, media files, contacts, emails, and documents. Additionally, cloud storage services let you access data through your smartphones and via browsers which are important despite your needs. When it comes to selecting the best cloud storage services, your personal preferences will count. It will depend whether you want to backup files for security and if you want to access them on the go. Many cloud storage services are great regardless of your storage needs. Here are some of the best cloud services you can choose from.

Dropbox Cloud Storage Service - Best Cloud Services

Dropbox cloud service can be used by Linux, Blackberry, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows clients. With Dropbox, you can share files in iMessage, watch Dropbox video, and sign PDFs. Dropbox account comes with a 2GB storage thus ideal for people looking for a service to store documents. If you get a friend to sign up for the service, you are offered additional 500MB with a limit of 16GB. When you enable the camera upload feature, you can 3GB and backup your smartphone to the cloud. With Dropbox, you can access your data where you are on or offline. You can also share your files with others. These features make Dropbox one of the best cloud services.

Google Drive Best Cloud Services

Google Drive is among the best cloud services and is in the heat of online services offered by Google. After creating a Google account or link to an existing one, you get 15GB of free space. Gmail. YouTube and Google Calendar users already have a Drive account. This service allows you to upload your photos and videos at a reduced file size or the original size. In case you share your slides, sheets, or Google Document or presentation with others, they don’t count against your allocation. You can sync your folders. It comes with a simple and smart to navigate interface, and you can access your files even when offline thus the best cloud services.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive comes with 15GB storage and an additional 15GB for those who link their camera roll to the service. Users who sign up for Office 365 get unlimited storage space. As from 2016, a new user gets 5GB of free storage, and the Office 365 are limited to 1TB. Microsoft is now offering a free Office 365 personal account for one year to users with over 5GB stored in their OneDrive account. With OneDrive, you can create files and folders on the web. Also, it offers selective sync. You can link social networks to your OneDrive account making it easy to share files. OneDrive also allows you to remotely access your files from another PC through the OneDrive website. As such, Microsoft OneDrive is one of the best cloud services you can choose from.

Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon cloud drive has an appealing focus on media in additional to its functionality. It is a good service for people who love music. The good thing about Amazon Drive is the fact that you pay for what you are in need. The cloud service provides flexible storage-tier plans to choose from. You are also provided with excellent content support in addition to flexible storage-tier plans. The content support allows you to upload digital files such as videos, photos, and music with no size limit of a file. You will require an internet connection if you want to preview and upload files you have saved on any computer. You can store existing music library and any MP3 you purchase from Amazon in the future in Amazon Drive.

Egnyte Best Cloud Services

Egnyte is designed to seamlessly combine the flexibility of a cloud with local storage on the existing infrastructures. If you want a cloud storage service that enables easy accessibility, scalability and collaboration for a business of any size, go for Egnyte. It comes with a comprehensive file support, robust security measures and file sharing. With this service, you can store virtually any file such as slideshows, videos, music files, and word documents making it appear in the best cloud services. Egnyte has no limitations when it comes to uploading files to your account through the web interface. As such, you can conveniently and easily any type and size of a file. The good thing about Egnyte is that you can customize it to reflect your brand. Also, you can share files and collaborate with others remotely from a single centralized access point.


IDrive is an ideal online backup and cloud syncing service offering attractive pricing plans. Also, it offers mobile and web applications. It is a perfect option if you want to safeguard your files in the cloud and still access them anytime. It is easy to setup, has continuous backup options, and supports unlimited devices in one account. Also, it offers folder syncing, file explorer integration, and file archiving.


SugarSync as one of the best cloud services is a highly intuitive file-syncing and an online backup service. It has the best controls and simple installation. It is extremely easy to use and more intuitive than other file-syncing cloud services. However, it is expensive, has no real-time collaboration and has no private encryption key used for online backups.

Box (Personal)

If you want the best cloud services that are easy to use and that which come with fast and responsive apps, go for Box. It comes with rich features set and is perfectly designed for collaboration. The good thing about Box is that it’s customizable thus you can integrate your account with a wide range of services and apps. However, it’s not that very competitive as it lacks some collaboration features.

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