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Jun 17, 2017

Best Cloud Hosting in the USA

Best Cloud Hosting in the USA

Best Cloud Hosting in the USA
Best Cloud Hosting in the USA

Some of the best cloud hosting companies is in the USA. Their share hosting servers, web hosting, and manageable word press hosting are only three of the things this company offers. They are not only are a dedicated hosting team, they have some of the best customer service representatives that work around the clock.

The one company that fits this bill has to be GoDaddy Web Hosting. Because you can share hosting for less than a dollar a month, this is ideal for startup companies. Companies can also get WordPress hosting for less than a four dollars a month, and many other element that will be listed further in the article is why GoDaddy is the best cloud hosting in the USA.

GoDaddy, a public traded web hosting service is also a traded Internet domain registrar. Since January 2016, it was considered one of the busiest domain hosting companies worldwide. It has more than 61 million domain names under management. This make makes it one of the largest ICANN-accredited registrars world wide as well.

Since the end of the quarter of 2014, it also served more than 13 million clients or customers; this includes employing 4,908 employees globally.

There are tons of celebrity spokespeople, and this includes Super Bowl advertisements 
This company also had a few controversial commercials also during the Super Bowl games years ago, when it first started it's business. That did blow over and business is as usual.

Some of the pros to the webhosting site services:

- They have a speedy uptime; this is evident in their 24/7 customer service support system.

- With the emails being secured and integrated through the Microsoft applications, it helps because the majority of computer users are Microsoft literate.

- Including the excellent customer service representatives that you can get in touch with 24/7.

- The speedy uptime, also, is one of the mai reasons why it's on top of the cloud hosting companies list. It's the Linux' based and Windows' based servers that are key.

- Without these two servers, it's impossible to get things done as an entrepreneur. Another plus is the fact that it has management in the WordPress hosting tier.

Some of the cons to GoDaddy is the WordPress and the email offers.

GoDaddy has the best web hosting services. Speedy time and excellent services from the CSR representatives is a refresher for any busy business. It's feature-packed Web hosting services that make it a great web hosting provider in the USA. The flexible building tools it has made this hosting company grander. Yet, it does have something’s that omit it from certain things, again that may be the emailing system.

Web hosting plans can be shared

With GoDaddy, there's a monthly fee; this is for the Linux' / Windows' based web servers that are shared.

In fact, this does reduce the price; so if you're commitments rely on a lot of business online, you can get the monthly packages that are ideal. The web hosting services also have annual packages that are reduced at cost. But, you do have to go to the more priced Ultimate plans, or the deluxe plans. Normally, you would think these are high priced, but for the service you do get, it's amazing that they're only starting at $8.99. In addition, you can get the ultimate plan that ranges from $14.99 which is worth it because of the many offerings.

Although, GoDaddy is nice enough to allow the monthly plans, yet, you have to do it in three-month intervals. This is the only way to do a monthly plan, by paying for the 3 months worth of web hosting services. This is considered the Economy plan. To many, it may not sound like a whole lot, but to those companies, especially the small ones, it can "strap" you down. Most mini-sized businesses, bloggers or students need the monthly plans.

With the GoDaddy's Economy shared web hosting plans or packages, they are $7.99 monthly. Naturally, you'll get a domain name for free and 100 GB with the abilities to have a hosted website, plus the unlimited data transfers which are unlimited. Unfortunately, the emails aren't great looking and are known as "skimpy" according to But, the option offers 500 emailing addresses.

On the other hand, there is the deluxe plan that you can purchase monthly with the commitment that you'll buy one year. This package does start out at $8.99 or basically get it for $4.99 a month. 
When it comes to the Ultimate plan, it begins at 14.99 monthly. GoDaddy does offer monthly as well but, with the commitment for the annual package starting at $7.49 a month. In addition to this package, there is the "premium DNS management tool," a one-year SSL Certificate, plus 1000 emailing addresses.

Connecting with CSRs

For a company to have this, it is solid. Having a solid website hosting company in the USA is awesome. With GoDaddy, simply having a great 24/7 customer service rep on the other end for any questions or problems is even better.

Finally, with GoDaddy you can have the security that your company needs into today's world. With all the scams, the liabilities and the insecured computers that many companies may have in their businesses, you want to be confident about what web hosting company is serving you.

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